The Truth

The Word of God says that we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free.


10/15/20141 min read

The Word of God says that we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free. How true. The truth works very hard to penetrate our denials. In the flesh, however, it is just too hard to accept the free truth and much easier to buy a lie. Although I recognize that things are sometimes said and done during bouts of anger and pain, the things Jeff said to me when told I was getting a divorce are not consistent with the LOVE he continued to profess to me. (He said I was the garbage pit of the world, that I had killed my parents being like I was, and that I had ruined my childrens lives.) Even when I learned what he had done to my own flesh and blood I was kind, I was merciful, and I was forgiving. When Jeff spoke to me so cruel, I cried. Why? Because I was careful not to hurt him by retaliating in word or in deed. My concentration was always on Jeff’s pain and its alleviation. I called it “poor Jeff syndrome.”

When we become so pitiful within ourselves that we have to emotionally reject the truth and seek to survive on a stack of lies, we can be sure it is a cancer under a Band-Aid. It undermines every ounce of strength that’s put into the charade. And that is exactly what it is – a charade. It accomplishes nothing and causes much more pain than if the situation were accepted as it is. if we can ever learn to act on the truth APART FROM EMOTIONS, our battles will be won victoriously more often. Control of emotions is critical. Yes, truth hurts sometimes, but it heals and restores, eventually mending us totally and completely.