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I am not an ordinary statistic, and that is a mouthful. I have lived a full life, encompassing about any emotion one could imagine. Through it all – even when I wasn’t aware – God was making straight paths for my feet and making sure my reaping remained within the boundaries of what I could bear. He continued to honor my faith even as I pleaded earnestly for Him to end my life. He didn’t want me to die. He wanted me to live so that in the time appointed I could prove – without a doubt – that HE IS ALIVE and that HIS FAITHFULNESS WILL ALWAYS BE GREATER THAN MAN’S FAILURE!

The subject matter of SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL AT THE DUMP is relevant and more than needful within the Christian community today. Incest and sexual child abuse are rampant and the anger these hideous offenses bring about is valid and justified, especially when the offender has established himself/herself to be trusted within the Christian community. We live in a fallen world, thus, Christians are not immune to the consequences of its degradation. We need to know how to handle these type situations so as not to “throw out the baby with the bath water,” i.e. the victim’s guiltless family members.

People are turned off by religion (not the same as real salvation in Jesus Christ) and rightfully so. Everybody would like confirmation that God really exists and that He is – as His Word declares – a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6, KJV). SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL AT THE DUMP confirms that fact with evidence of things not seen! For the daughter of a poor Appalachia coal miner to be honored by God in such dire circumstances should make everyone to know that He is certainly no respecter of persons.

SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL AT THE DUMP presents a behind-the-scenes look at a very troubling problem in our society and how the number of victims multiplies – intensifying suffering – when handled inappropriately. Abuse has many faces and, when carried out under a cloak of religion, generates woundedness only God can make whole. The failure of humanity brought me painfully TO my Gethsemane. God’s faithfulness brought me victoriously THROUGH it. Unaware that I was in His Intensive Care, He was orchestrating astounding events – too precise to be accidents – that would bring about an outcome far more amazing than I could ever have imagined.

The greatest lesson I feel I learned through my experience is that by holding fast to our Christian values in times of painful testing, we will do more than survive. In greater measure, we will attain to an intimate walk with Christ that works all things to our good – even in the loss of everything and everybody we might give ourselves to save. To God be the glory for the things He has done!

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You may leave a message through either of my Facebook pages (above) or email leaving your shipping address and how many copies you'd like to purchase. You may also get a copy through Amazon which has both paperback and kindle versions. The book cost is 19 dollars, 224 pages, and printed August 10th, 2013. Summary - Having survived a physically abusive marriage, Kay believes she finally has everything she ever wanted. Abuse has many faces, however, and some generate woundedness only God can make whole. Something Beautiful at the Dump epitomizes God's promised recompense for maintaining our integrity with Christ during extreme losses.

Something Beautiful at the Dump

(An Inspiring memoir by C. Kay Jones)